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NASA provides
turn key solutions to fit any event, venue,
or promotion !
From a simple Searchlight rental, to LARGE SCALE national events, Logo/Gobo projection & permanent installations...
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Searchlights, Sky
Lights / Spotlights
of every size available!

For Rent or Purchase.
Use for any event,
Promotion & Venue!

Add some
to your event!
View the Searchlight video
to see what we are all about!
Until Memorial Day !
Don't be disappointed, reserve your Searchlights now !
Small or LARGE !
Making our Clientele
look awesome for
over 33 YEARS!
All of our Searchlight Products
feature our latest innovations in
green low carbon footprint
lighting technology!
Let us light your customers path 
right to your door!
Your one stop nationwide source
for 21st century Searchlight
Products, Rentals, Sales, and Service!
NASA Searchlights is the LARGEST manufacturer of cutting edge, portable, 
ALL ELECTRONIC, Single Beam plug and play Searchlights and multi head units in
North America, and is the ONLY manufacturer of ALL ELECTRONIC 
LARGE SCALE / LARGE OPTICS (60 inch and larger) Searchlights in the world!
From our HD-1™ to the Transformer HD™ we bring the future to you today!
As seen & featured
in Los Angeles
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